About Us

William Hall has spent most of his working life from apprenticeship associated with shipbuilding /  building industry and specialist sub-contract industries such as "Curtain Wall' glazing in multi storey building facades. 

William attained the highest qualification in UK building HNC. Higher National Certificate after serving an apprenticeship for 5 years and working hands on for many years in various industries and attending college both full time and part time over 8 years for all technical certificates in his trade and building. 

From the start the intention to be a Design Draftsman and as it happend his Technical Drawing Teacher at school was a trained draftsman and his advise to William was to get experience of a practical nature to be a good draftsman. William is also a multi-skilled tradesperson through his employment in various industries requiring diversity in trades. 
William also spent 4 years teaching Craft Design & Technology in schools which included teaching finer art crafts and skills learnt attending a Craft Design Technology course on a one year full time at a teacher training college and other courses.

With both drafting, building qualifications and trade experience William is able to help you develop and assist you with the design of your building addition / new build project and work with his engineer to finalise your plans for the shire permit application.

While most of the work done by 628 Drafting is in 2D computer aided design,  William is also trained and conversant with 3D Computer Aided Drafting.
However, simple non time-consuming isometric schematics can be provided with the 2D plans to clarify details as required

3D schematic full colour views and "walk through" animations are also available from his contacts